What is it about Johnny Cash that you enjoy the most?

I love the storytelling and phrasing in his songs. They are really simple songs to play but it’s all about the performance.  You really need to think about the phrasing of the lyrics to get the full, and proper, Johnny Cash effect.


When did you become Johnny Cash Converter and how did it all come about? 

I started becoming Johnny Cash in about 2007 as a favour to my friends who run the OhMyGodIMissYou! Club nights at Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club. They asked me to play as JC and emulate the prison gigs he did and it just went from there. Lots of people seemed to really like hearing the way I played the songs and it was great to put on the Cash persona and perform it to people who appreciated it.


What should people expect from Johnny Cash Converter gig?

The gigs I play with the band are always energetic and great fun. I try to make it as genuine and original performance as possible and try to focus on the more upbeat tracks to get the feet tapping and people dancing. But we can play his slower songs too. I always dress like Cash and the band look genuine too. I really do try to become the Man in Black!


What's your favourite JC songs to play?

That’s a tough question! I suppose my favourite songs to play with the band is 'Cocaine Blues' or '25 Minutes To Go' or 'Daddy Sang Bass'. On my own I prefer the ballads like 'Sunday Morning Coming Down' or 'I Still Miss Someone'. I’m always getting reminded at gigs of just how many great songs he recorded and performed so we try to learn as many of his songs as possible. Some people just want the upbeat songs, but every now and then I get a request for a more obscure song – which is great.